1. Quote: Agnes Martin

    Agnes Martin quote

    Agnes Martin quote

    Yup. Still here.

    Read this on Brain Pickings yesterday, so I painted her.

    Permanently derailed. But still here. :)

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  3. Food Photos July

    As promised, here’s a set of photos from the last two months of playing around with my food:

    Let’s see if after a while some of them might not look so nice. Will delete accordingly.

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  4. Pan de sal

    I’ve been a bad bad blogger…
    So, what’s new.

    In my defense, I’ve been messin’g with food. That…

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  5. keep on drawing turned 1 today!

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  6. "Can’t stop addicted to the shindig…"

    Hello, hello. You still out there?

    Ok, the artwork. Just find this very sexy. I had to paint it.…

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  7. Morning walk at the hill

    Last Saturday we went to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It was a fun walk, quite steep in the first…

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  8. An afternoon by the sea

    Was by the sea yesterday afternoon. Just missed the sound of the waves, maybe. It was a nice walk,…

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  9. A portrait for Ms. G and fire breathing

    My writing urges are on hibernation mode for now. Or, as I have observed, I can only write a…

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  10. Updated my about page, George Harrison

    “Everything else can wait, but the search for God cannot wait…”  – George Harrison

    I think the…

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